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Update by user Oct 29, 2012

Lynn Williams has refused to pay what he was sued for. He has all these reasons that he thinks he is so great and offers his service 110%, yet he was sued for bad business...?

If he stands behind his work than why did he never show up in court and won\'t pay? I have signed court papers to gets his assets and than another court date when he refuses to provide that information. I also suggested to another couple I just met whos wedding Lynn ruined to sue him. I also told a company who was ripped off by this *** and also has a judgement out there against Lynn what nore than can do to collect whats owed.

Lynn will pay for all the events and weddings he has been ruining.

This guy is blind and must be deaf to what he is doing to people. He wants the job, the money, free dinner for himself and his girlfriend, yet cannot do what he was hired and paid for.

Original review posted by user Sep 28, 2012

This guy ruined my wedding. He was paid months (7) in advance and hired to do my ceremony and DJ services.

My wedding was half hour late because this guy did not check his equipment in the 4 hrs of being at my venue. The whole wedding party walking down the aisle music was not what he was paid to play, it was all his on hand back up. I had to angerly walk to the "Wedding March" song, I was not happy. During the ceremony he stumbled over what he was saying and even forgot the Unity Candle lighting.

I had to tell him after the ceremony that he forgot it. During dinner this joke played blarring music through his speakers rather than the venues surround sound. This music was "getting it on" music, far from dinner music. This joke also forgot some family dance songs and the ones he did remember to play he screwed up by never announcing them or restarting the song once the family members got to the dance floor.

This guy even had his girlfriend show up in time to eat. She was never there to assist him, than to get a free meal. After she was full she sat on the floor in my small hallway as those invited to the wedding had to walk around her. This joke played 11 of the 71 songs he was paid to play.

As I have been finding out, my wedding is not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or so on wedding he has ruined this year already.

I took this joke to court and won.

He never showed up.

I still would have won if he did, because what excuses could he have for thinking it was even ok to ruin my wedding and get away with it. I feel sorry for those people that have no idea and hire him.

Review about: Ceremony Services.

Monetary Loss: $600.



Pay the price for a real DJ. if you get suckered by a *** like this guy and a deal you think is to good to be true..it is!

A wedding is a once and a lifetime event for some like myself, don't get conned like i was by this *** artist. And research them.

Look at goggle, the courts, jail records and talk and ask any where you go, you'd be surprised who cannot do what they hired for and people know about it. :cry

to Warnningothers #872827

I am a former girlfriend. I feel your pain.

He took me for lots of $$$$ too.

Thank God I dumped the ***. If there is anything you can to get you money back....go for it.

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